What is the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC)?

This is a blog for victims of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC)


The Rise of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex

This is a blog for victims of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) and the associated domestic armies of advocates, police and social services units that use the court rooms and the hidden processes of law to on one hand, destroy American’s and on the other, to socially engineer them into being compliant, and defenseless followers. And all of that, as they pick our pockets, tow our cars, repossess our homes, and steal our children. All of these aforementioned are themselves separate but inter connected subsidiary industries, which this blog seeks to examine in full.

In no way do I attempt to diminish or denigrate the experiences of people who have suffered great horrors, and certain abuse in the homes, by intimate partners, parents, significant others and more. And in no way do I wish to avoid discussion about the real, actual abuse of children, and the subsidiary destruction of their lives after having witnessed DV.

Instead, I seek to set the record straight, and as a citizen, I feel a duty to my neighbors, friends, and my country, to examine real, actual, and costly violence from a different perspective: the Rise of the Police State, and its direct relationship to the DVIC.

But followers of WHAT, exactly is the question that has plagued scholars and others for over 40 years, since we first encountered the social engineering scheme of those who wage domestic violence. And we now have an answer to that question of ‘what.’ It is a state of the nation that has a suspended constitution, secret courts, and secret laws, using secret due process violating mass surveillance on all American citizens.

WE have an NSA and  CIA that has real time ACCESS TO YOUR CHILDREN VIA THE INTERNET.

Police perversity is at an all time high, as those who “protect the children” often rape them instead, or in the case of the famous Manasass VA Internet Crimes Against Children heroes-sometimes they just want to stick needles in your sons penis to force an erection, and then photograph it.  ( the cop who got the warrant to do this later killed himself when it was discovered that he was grooming young boys and raping them repeatedly. The judge who signed the warrant is still, unfortunately, alive.)

Police brutality cases across America costs taxpayers 1.8 BILLION dollars per year, even as police departments plead that they are under staffed, and under paid (while other Americans would work for half the price, just to have a job.)

And the situation is NOT getting any better, as we see time and again, corrupt or trigger happy police killing six year old kids, and worse- things are NOT getting better for women either, or for anyone in “domestic America,” except those who perpetrate, escalate, condone, or are complicit with such rampant corruption of process, and fraud upon the courts.

Police Misconduct, brutality, and criminality costs American taxpayers 1.8 billion dollars per year. Here’s the data from just ten of the cities with the biggest payouts.


Clearly, there is violence of outrageous proportions being waged across America, on Americans, but it isn’t what you think it is, and it isn’t what the propaganda stream says it is. While the average citizen hears endless MSM propaganda about the noble cause of ‘helping women and children,’ and the publicly funded colleges are virtual recruiting grounds for those who make a living by peddling the false narrative of ‘violent men’ hurting ‘helpless women and children,”the real facts on the ground are that families have been destroyed, and jobs lost; homes repossessed, and as caring fathers (and their children) are murdered in the drivers seat of their own cars.

This blog seeks to examine the state of affairs that has arisen in the era of the Rise of Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, and the related subsidiary industries that thrive under the tutelage of those who believe that more police, in more homes, at all times, is a good thing for “the children” of this America that they will inherit-if there IS an a America left, after these and theirs destroy the Constitution, and every liberty that descends from it.

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